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Rewire, don't Retire


Rewire don’t Retire

If you are thinking of retiring or recently retired download a copy of Rewire don’t Retire for practical advice on retirement. The ebook was written by Marianne Heron with Paul Britton and sponsored by Irish Life and Active Retirement Ireland.

About Us

Des Wilson Financial Services offers a complete Financial Planning service. We specialise in Pensions and was set up to create awareness and promote pensions as a means of providing you an income in retirement.

We work primarily with self-employed individuals, professionals and directors of small companies. We believe in goal based financial planning and will help you create a realistic retirement plan.

It’s a long-term relationship and along the way we can help educate you on financial matters and review your plans to help you stay on track.

Financial Planning Explained

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Financial Planning - It's What We Do...

For You, Your Family and the Next Generation...

Lifestyle Planning

Money is important as it pays for the lifestyle we choose to live. We have a lot of calls on our income and it can be difficult to decide how best to allocate our resources to meet our financial goals. We live in a complex financial world and it can be difficult to make prudent financial decisions. Lifestyle Financial Planning along with a Personalised Cashflow analysis will pull everything together and help you make sense of the future.

Protection Planning

How would your family survive if you were unable to work as a result of an illness or disability or worse still if you were to die prematurely? How would it impact your household income, what would happen your retirement plans, what benefits would the state provide?
Life Insurance, Illness cover and Income Protection are the safety net of any financial plan.

Succession & Estate Planning

At some stage we will pass on assets to someone else. This could be after retiring and you want to pass on a business to a son or daughter. It could be about passing on your wealth to the next generation after you and your spouse’s death. This involves planning in advance if you want to take advantage of the various tax breaks.

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