Author: Des Wilson

17 Aug

How can I reduce or avoid inheritance tax?

Inheritance Tax Nobody likes paying tax but Inheritance Tax in particular is a tax that really annoys a lot of people. It’s a contentious tax and is often used to garnish votes at election times by politicians promising to abolish or raise the tax threshold on the tax. The tax can be viewed as a […]

11 May

How to buy Property with your Pension Fund

It’s nearly a decade since we fell out of love with residential investment properties. Over the last few months I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of people looking to invest in residential properties again. It’s hard to argue against it given the spike in rents and the capital growth expected over the next […]

27 Apr

Investment Update – April 2018

Investment markets have been very mixed this year. January was a very positive start and followed by two negative and volatile months. Global shares were down -1.7% in local currency terms and -3.2% in Euro as the Euro continued to strengthen. The volatility was  driven by concerns that the US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates […]

16 Feb

Volatility returns to the Equity Markets

In the last two weeks volatility has made a return to the stock markets after a lengthy absence. On Monday the 5th Feb the Dow Jones Index fell by 1755 points or 4.6%. There was no apparent reason that caused the downturn but worries about the new head of the federal reserve in the US […]

01 Feb

State Pension (Contributory) Changes 2018

Total Contributions approach The minister of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty, announced a new method of calculating your State Pension (Contributory) entitlements. The main change is that the calculation is set to move to a Total Contribution approach. The full details of the new method had not been finalised but is expected to be […]

03 Nov

Save up to 40% on your Life Insurance

Nobody likes taking out Life Insurance but nobody every complains when a Life Insurance claim is paid out. We need Life Insurance at various stages in our lives, not so much when we are young but as we get older we need Life Cover to get a mortgage and if we get married and have […]

20 Oct

Budget 2018

Budget 2018 – Summary of the main changes Standard Rate Income Tax Bands The Standard Rate Income Tax Band will increase by €750 from 1st Jan 2018. 20% Rate                        40% Rate Single Person                       […]

06 Oct

Retirement Relief Checklist

What is Retirement Relief Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is charged when a person makes a chargeable gain on the sale or disposal of an asset. The current rate of Capital Gains tax is 33%. In simple terms, if you purchased an asset for €100,000 and then sold it 10 years later for €200,000 you would […]

22 Sep

Pension Payments Deadline 2017 – Important Dates

Individuals who both pay and file their tax returns through the Revenue On-line Service (ROS) have until Thursday 16th November 2017 to pay a pension contribution and elect to backdate the income tax relief against the 2016 tax year. Those who do not qualify for the ROS extension must do this by 31st October 2017. […]

08 Sep

Dual Income & Pension Contribution Limits

Tax Relief is given on Personal Contributions to a Pension Plan up to certain age related limits.They are as follows: Age               Contribution Limit Under 30        15% of Earnings 30- 39             20% of Earnings 40-49           […]

14 Jul

Pension Adjustment Orders

For most people the family home is the most valuable asset that they hold but pensions are increasingly becoming the second most valuable asset owned by individuals. It is for this reason they have become more central to financial settlements following a marital breakdown. A Pension Adjustment Order (PAO) is a court order that allocates […]

30 Jun

Some Life Lessons from 100-Year Olds

A retirement plan will always have a start date, retirement date and an end date. Pre retirement is the phase you accumulate your savings and post retirement is where you start spending or living off your accumulated savings.  The end date or death is the big unknown. It’s important to assume that you will live […]