Category: Estate Planning

17 Aug

How can I reduce or avoid inheritance tax?

Inheritance Tax Nobody likes paying tax but Inheritance Tax in particular is a tax that really annoys a lot of people. It’s a contentious tax and is often used to garnish votes at election times by politicians promising to abolish or raise the tax threshold on the tax. The tax can be viewed as a […]

19 May

How can I best use the €3,000 small gifts exemption

The current rate at which Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is charged is 33 %  and applies to a gift or an inheritance in excess of the thresholds. Capital Acquisitions Tax Thresholds for 2017 €310,000 (Group 1)- Child, or minor child of a deceased child. €32,500 (Group 2) – Brother, sister, child of a brother sister, lineal […]