Category: Legal

14 Jul

Pension Adjustment Orders

For most people the family home is the most valuable asset that they hold but pensions are increasingly becoming the second most valuable asset owned by individuals. It is for this reason they have become more central to financial settlements following a marital breakdown. A Pension Adjustment Order (PAO) is a court order that allocates […]

19 May

How can I best use the €3,000 small gifts exemption

The current rate at which Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is charged is 33 %  and applies to a gift or an inheritance in excess of the thresholds. Capital Acquisitions Tax Thresholds for 2017 €310,000 (Group 1)- Child, or minor child of a deceased child. €32,500 (Group 2) – Brother, sister, child of a brother sister, lineal […]

21 Apr

Power of Attorney – Everything you need to know.

With life expectancy on the increase and the dementia rate expected to rise threefold by 2046 the chances are that you will need to consider taking out a power of attorney for either yourself or a family member sometime in the future. Setting up a Power of Attorney can give you peace of mind in […]