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06 Oct

Retirement Relief Checklist

What is Retirement Relief Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is charged when a person makes a chargeable gain on the sale or disposal of an asset. The current rate of Capital Gains tax is 33%. In simple terms, if you purchased an asset for €100,000 and then sold it 10 years later for €200,000 you would […]

30 Jun

Some Life Lessons from 100-Year Olds

A retirement plan will always have a start date, retirement date and an end date. Pre retirement is the phase you accumulate your savings and post retirement is where you start spending or living off your accumulated savings.  The end date or death is the big unknown. It’s important to assume that you will live […]

02 Jun

How much should I have in my Pension Fund

The Pensions Authority published a consultation document in July 2016 on the “reform and simplification of supplementary funded private pensions“. One of the drivers of reform outlined in the report is the low public confidence in pension outcomes, the difficulty understanding pensions and poorly worded and structured communication . Pension Benefit Statements are issued by […]

06 Oct

How to manage stock market volatility in retirement

We all feel the pain of falling stock markets but it can be particularly stressful when you are retired and depending on your investments for your income in retirement.  advice not to panic and start selling stocks, consider other income sources, and review your withdrawals and spending. Fidelity give six tips for volatile market: Guarantee […]